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Vanda “Miss Joaquim” Gets Her Sea Legs: SPARK Proposes the Solar Orchid

If there’s one thing the diverse peoples of Singapore can agree upon, it’s the food. More specifically, how good it is, and how difficult it is to stop indulging. For a foodie like me, Allison, working at Ann Siang Hill is torture – delicious, tantalizing torture. Countless renowned restaurants, bars, cafes and eateries dot the area around our office, and three of Singapore’s most famous hawker centres are just stone throws away.

Truly, hawker centres are what make Singapore’s already vibrant food culture even more special. After all, where else in the world can you find restaurant-quality fare at wallet-friendly prices all available in the same location? And where else can you wake up at 1am with the yearning for chicken rice and a milo-dinosaur, and know that your craving will definitely be satiated?

Now SPARK, our brilliant architecture client, is promising to take the humble hawker centre to the next level. At a recent media luncheon held to gauge media reaction, SPARK unveiled their groundbreaking idea for the Solar Orchid, a sustainable floating hawker centre. If all goes as planned, it won’t be long before we can enjoy our Hokkien Mee and Chili Crab against a backdrop of calm waters and gentle breezes.

Next generation hawker centre, aw yeah.

Solar-powered, self-contained and lightweight, each self-sustaining Solar Orchid cluster can accommodate around 7 hawkers stores and 150 seats, and can easily be moved from one location to another. To adapt to the conditions of the different locations, the individual pods – which come with built-in exhaust, water, gas, electrical, waste collection and water recycling services, as well as table settings – can be clustered in different formations. So basically, if you can’t go to the Solar Orchid, it will come to you!

Solar Orchid at Gardens by the Bay

And the sentiment behind this conceptualization is really beautiful – the Solar Orchid aims to reestablish the once intimate relationship we Singaporeans had with our water; historically, water bodies in Singapore were centres of culture, commerce and recreation. Just like SPARK, then, to propose something futuristic but pays homage to Singapore’s heritage.

So far, the media coverage of the Solar Orchid has just been fantastic, with The Straits Times, The Business Times and I-S Magazine taking the lead. With a little luck, the response of the relevant authorities and organizations will be just as positive.

I, for one, can’t wait for the Solar Orchid design to be actualized. Fingers crossed!


A Day in the Life (of a PR Executive)

Hi y’all! I’m Allison, an account executive at EPIC PR. To start, here are a few things about me – I love The Beatles (too much), I play the ukulele and the guitar, I love food and shopping, and someday I hope to travel the world. It took me a while to narrow down exactly what I wanted to do, but once I decided on Public Relations, there was no going back.

There’s really no other field quite like PR, as I’ve come to learn. Every day since I’ve joined EPIC PR, I’ve been exposed to a new facet of the business. From meeting with clients, to drafting pitches, to attending an event, there hasn’t been a boring or repetitive moment. Things are always done for good reasons, with visible results.

I also love that the EPIC work environment encourages us to embrace independence, even as we make sure to stay accountable to the firm. On a daily basis, we are pushed to exercise good judgment and common sense, skills that too often are given less credit than they really deserve.

Another thing I like about PR is how it expands our general knowledge. With every new client that comes our way, we do our research on their industry to make sure that we provide the best service we can for them.

I still have much to learn about PR, of course, and I’m definitely looking forward to experiencing even more aspects of it. I once read in a book that communication is the crossroad of all other disciplines. And boy, am I glad that I’m right at this junction with (the undeniably epic) EPIC PR.

Kia Ora from Epic’s newest addition!

Hey guys! I’m Gabriel and am absolutely thrilled to be the new kid on the Epic block!  A little about myself: I studied Film, Communications and Politics in New Zealand, and I love diving and filmmaking.

Gabriel – Epic’s newest addition!

I’m quickly learning that as a PR consultant you get to wield the magic wand of perception. With thoughtful words, perfectly positioned pictures, morning music and a darn good set of brains behind the team, you can create wonders out of the branding. I knew right off the bat that Epic is where I can actually learn, and properly, about Public Relations with a great team of people who are constantly driven and inspiring.

Most recently, I had organized a photoshoot for one of our clients who is from the technology sector. It was unique in that it was a fashion shoot in an office space that might have been taken to be too star wars-like for a glamourous women’s magazine; instead, the exact opposite had happened and everything clicked into place. The clean, harsh white interior of the office only gave our beautiful client the best canvas against which to shoot. The futuristic decor reflected her career perfectly. The place as a whole was refreshing for the magazine’s team and they loved the clash of feminine frocks against the hacker incubator environment of numbers, codes and Boolean.

Photoshoot with a technology client.

The shoot was finished ahead of schedule, everyone was fascinated and our client had a great time getting out of her pant suit and into a Max Mara gown. I learnt that with any creative enterprise you need to practice a level of audacity-in this case, pairing two unlikely subjects together.

Epic has only just revved its engine, so there’s a lot of things that are coming up in the near future. Between pitches in Trump-like board rooms, interviews and conferences, there is a lot of music video making, beer toasting and air-guitaring in the office which makes work having a ball.

Between you and me, Epic is definitively EPIC.

An Epic Beginning

Welcome to the Epic blog!

New PR Agency in SingaporeWhen we first started our PR consultancy six months ago, if you were to tell us that we would have the kind of quality clients we have now, I would not have quite believed you. Not to say that we didn’t think we could win the clients that we currently have today, but more that we did not think we could have grown this fast, so soon, but we were wrong.  Today, Epic PR is grateful for the momentum that it is enjoying, thanks largely to a savvy community of marketers and PR professionals who support our venture from day one. It is this same maturing body of PR practitioners who have collectively lifted the standard of public relations to where it is today in the Asia Pacific region, one that I am so honoured and humbled to be a part of.

The Epic blog is going to be an evolving space where my team and I will be posting ideas, thoughts, links and images that move us on any give day. Most of the time, it will be PR related, other times, well, you are just going to have to wait and see :)

Thank you for visiting our website and for being a part of our Epic journey.