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A Day in the Life (of a PR Executive)

Hi y’all! I’m Allison, an account executive at EPIC PR. To start, here are a few things about me – I love The Beatles (too much), I play the ukulele and the guitar, I love food and shopping, and someday I hope to travel the world. It took me a while to narrow down exactly what I wanted to do, but once I decided on Public Relations, there was no going back.

There’s really no other field quite like PR, as I’ve come to learn. Every day since I’ve joined EPIC PR, I’ve been exposed to a new facet of the business. From meeting with clients, to drafting pitches, to attending an event, there hasn’t been a boring or repetitive moment. Things are always done for good reasons, with visible results.

I also love that the EPIC work environment encourages us to embrace independence, even as we make sure to stay accountable to the firm. On a daily basis, we are pushed to exercise good judgment and common sense, skills that too often are given less credit than they really deserve.

Another thing I like about PR is how it expands our general knowledge. With every new client that comes our way, we do our research on their industry to make sure that we provide the best service we can for them.

I still have much to learn about PR, of course, and I’m definitely looking forward to experiencing even more aspects of it. I once read in a book that communication is the crossroad of all other disciplines. And boy, am I glad that I’m right at this junction with (the undeniably epic) EPIC PR.

Pitching in for Epic PR

Hi Everyone!

ally lienMy name is Ally, and I am the latest addition to Epic PR as the Account Executive. First of all, some stuff about myself. My greatest love of all time is music, yes, EVEN before shopping. I love Queen, The Beatles (aww, yeah!), Guns’ n Roses’. On a day off, I am the one normally with the Nirvana tank top and the beer in hand

On my daring adventure to search for my ideal PR job, Google brought me to Epic PR while I was looking for a COMPLETE career switch from accounting, and I am glad I stumbled on Epic PR. Why Epic PR you may ask? Why not the large MNCs that can provide that career background that will put everyone else in awe?

Well, pioneering companies and individuals have my awe. The courage and spirit to set up one’s own company doesn’t come easy and that’s why Epic PR has got my interest. I believe at a certain point of our lives, we would inevitably say to our panel of friends… “One day, I am going to open my own bar!” (cue in “How I Met Your Mother”), or a version of that… but we never really get there because of this and that. But not for me, I am making a go at seizing my moment which is now, to join a company and learn first hand as it builds the business from the ground up from an entrepreneur who has the courage to bet on herself. The thing about startup companies that really grab my attention is the open sea of opportunities. Epic PR is able to give me what I was looking for, to be involved in the actual game, working on the business, instead of just being another benchwarmer.

I have not regretted this choice of joining Epic PR one bit. I have been thrown right into action, making client visits, talking to journalists and meeting people, important, inspiring, lovely people, all the while gaining incredible, intelligent insights on the PR processes. My first few months at Epic is indeed as the name says it all, epic and I have been doing proper PR works that involves the word – “pitch”.

That’s it from me for now, back to work. Will post more soon!