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I’m Crystal, and I’ve been interning with Epic PR for the past three months. In the second last week of my internship, Mylinh added another thing to my to-do list—“a blog post! With photos!!” – and of course, no one can say no to such an enthusiastic request (from your boss)(from whom you’d just requested for a reference letter)(I’m kidding! I’d write this post with or without the letter! … With that being said, I’m still getting it, right guys??)

So with that long-winded, parenthesis-filled introductory paragraph – I assure you my press releases are more succinct than this, courtesy of the training by the Mother Hen of Interns (a.k.a. Kay Ling)– let me elaborate a little bit more on my time at Epic.

2 The Epic team after a crazy successful media event
(“A 100 percent media attendance! That never happens!!”) 

Epic PR is my first foray into the oft-misunderstood arena that is Public Relations. Most people I’ve spoken to have the misconception that PR is all about:

  1. Boozing and schmoozing somewhere very glamorously while perilously perched on some serious high heels, or
  2. Putting your best fake smile forward, or
  3. Both of the options above.

We have Samantha Jones of Sex and the City to thank for these illusions, but while I assure you we do run around in ridiculous heels sometimes, we are never boozing nor schmoozing (at least not during office hours—I mean, come on we were based at Ann Siang Hill), and the team at Epic is anything but inauthentic.

If these aren’t genuine expressions of joy (read: relief), I don’t know what is

I could have only enjoyed my short stint at Epic as immensely as I have thanks to the warm, encouraging ladies at this agency. Though the keyboard tapping never stops (hustlers gotta hustle, as they say!), it’s always lovely to have our little breaks, be it for a online shopping delivery moment where we do our little ooh’s and ahh’s over the new purchase, or for us to discuss the latest pop culture tidbit that serves as office fodder. It was in my second week when the office exploded the moment someone mentioned the sartorial choices at the Met Gala. It was amidst the choruses of “what was she wearing?!” and “she looked gorgeous!” when I realized I was undoubtedly in for a fun time, especially with this animated bunch.

One of our #TryDayFriday’s, though we’ve technically tried this (amaaaazing) fish head curry twice now (oops!)

While it may seem like it is all fun and no work, I assure you it is definitely not the case. I was given about three days to settle in before the real work started to arrive via a flurry of emails, and when I say real work I mean real, actual client work and not just coffee runs (funnily enough I’d never had to do those).

I’d chosen a boutique agency because I preferred the more hands-on experience, where you could be given work that would come to fruition. Much like the numerous literature published on my fellow Gen Y workers have explained, I too would like to affect real change while I’m at a firm, and I’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to do so at Epic.

Doesn’t get anymore hands-on than riding on the back of the truck with the office furniture

I was appointed to manage a PR project that the team had won,  and trust me, to be able to see the project from start to finish is something that I have not taken for granted. Many of my peers are currently interning as well, and whenever we meet for dinner to catch up, I am constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to be at this firm, as not only do I have a supportive team, but I was also doing work that I actually enjoyed, and was delivering real, tangible value to clients.

I can’t emphasize enough how much teamwork is valued and prioritized in Epic PR. While I was drafting press releases, completing reports, and responding to clients, there was never a moment when I had no one to consult with or to ask for advice from. On my first day here, I was told, “Always ask when in doubt! There are no stupid questions”, and I’ve heard this adage repeated every time a new intern joins our brood. Despite everyone being extremely preoccupied with their own clients, you could always turn around (literally, because the new office space puts us at extremely close proximity to one another) to ask for fresh eyes for your work, or to simply ask for assistance. July was a particularly busy month for us all, and even then the team would never hesitate to help each other out when needed.

When one of us gets donut cravings, we all get donuts as well. That’s teamwork innit?

Working in Epic PR for the past three months has been nothing short of illuminating, not just about the industry but about a boutique agency as well. Sure, it may be tough at times, but you also get to learn so much across a wide range of industries. It is exactly because of Epic’s boutique status that we are nimble enough to service clients from a plethora of sectors, and that’s where the real fun is because you get to see and experience for yourself how each of them work.

I must admit that I had chosen this industry due to some of my own misconceptions – that it will be fun, boozy, and glamorous with a little bit of grit (fine, I had been Samantha Jones’d as well). I was mostly right—it is fun, it is (a little!) boozy, but the glamour and grit comes in equal servings. I love that it allows me to continue what I’ve always loved doing – writing – and at the same time meet people from all walks of life, something else I’ve always enjoyed.

I have definitely learned beyond what I’d expected to whilst my time here, and if you haven’t been able to discern from this lengthy blog post, I’ve enjoyed myself far, far beyond I could have imagined as well. I mean, seriously, do tell me what other job will bring you to the Metropolis for a R&D start-up launch one week and to Joël Robuchon for the unveiling of a rare whisky the next? Not to mention the giggles we get when people call us looking for an agency to help with their PR residency (that actually happened, I kid you not).

And with that, I bid you adieu!

 7Crystal out!

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