Kia Ora from Epic's newest addition!

Hey guys! I’m Gabriel and am absolutely thrilled to be the new kid on the Epic block!  A little about myself: I studied Film, Communications and Politics in New Zealand, and I love diving and filmmaking.

Gabriel – Epic’s newest addition!

I’m quickly learning that as a PR consultant you get to wield the magic wand of perception. With thoughtful words, perfectly positioned pictures, morning music and a darn good set of brains behind the team, you can create wonders out of the branding. I knew right off the bat that Epic is where I can actually learn, and properly, about Public Relations with a great team of people who are constantly driven and inspiring.

Most recently, I had organized a photoshoot for one of our clients who is from the technology sector. It was unique in that it was a fashion shoot in an office space that might have been taken to be too star wars-like for a glamourous women’s magazine; instead, the exact opposite had happened and everything clicked into place. The clean, harsh white interior of the office only gave our beautiful client the best canvas against which to shoot. The futuristic decor reflected her career perfectly. The place as a whole was refreshing for the magazine’s team and they loved the clash of feminine frocks against the hacker incubator environment of numbers, codes and Boolean.

Photoshoot with a technology client.

The shoot was finished ahead of schedule, everyone was fascinated and our client had a great time getting out of her pant suit and into a Max Mara gown. I learnt that with any creative enterprise you need to practice a level of audacity-in this case, pairing two unlikely subjects together.

Epic has only just revved its engine, so there’s a lot of things that are coming up in the near future. Between pitches in Trump-like board rooms, interviews and conferences, there is a lot of music video making, beer toasting and air-guitaring in the office which makes work having a ball.

Between you and me, Epic is definitively EPIC.

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