How To Build An Effective Newsroom


Working in a public relations agency, we are reminded everyday of the increasing importance for the need to have an engaging and easy to access social media news room to share all the latest happenings from our company and the work we do for clients. Having an interesting news room with links to the latest press releases, social media platforms, galleries of notable press coverage, videos and still images will help us get noticed by the media looking for a good story with one of our clients. In addition, having a good social media newsroom will help us generate inbound interest for our PR agency.

At Epic PR, we embrace the idea of a social media newsroom, and are currently building one.

In order to be an effective content hub, there need to be sharing buttons throughout the news room to allow easy sharing of information between the media and their peers. Other than press releases, an ideal news room should also be rich in useful content to the media that are properly organized for easy viewing and have easy to use search tools for them to navigate throughout the news room.

We also have to understand that the information that journalists look for may not always be available in the news room. Journalists usually go for interesting, quirky news to cover and spread to their audience, and they will usually report stories in interesting angles to appeal to their audience. However, most corporate news rooms tend to only provide straight-forward information in the form of press releases, newsletters or executive summaries of their clients/company. Hence it is crucial that we know what is more popular amongst the media in order to produce articles for the news room that will inspire a journalist to write.

After reading all the tips and tricks to a good social media news room, we hope you are now more convinced that it is actually a quick and simple way to generate inbound public relation coverage for your company. Good luck setting up one or call us if you need our help to build one. In the meantime, I’ll be busy setting up the one for Epic! :)


Posted on 7th August, 2014 by Epic PR in Blog

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