My Thoughts About Being In PR!
That's me on the left, with a very cool online media personality!

                                      That’s me on the left, with a very cool online media personality!


Hi everyone! I am Winnie! Something about myself: I love theme parks and would hope to get on all the rides at Six Flags one day and conquer my fear of heights! Shopping is my way of relieving stress and on weekends, you can either find me at the malls or cooped up in my room binging on American dramas (Scandal is the current drama of my life).

Since joining Epic, I have been quickly learning the ropes of working in a PR agency including how to write effective press releases and media pitches. Of course, in a PR agency, pitching and enabling media interviews is one of the key things that we do for our clients, and so I was glad to be given the opportunity to be involved in obtaining media interviews for a healthcare client.  As a result, I got to work with doctors and health professionals as well as interact with journalists who often can ask very probing questions.

This particular healthcare program was very interesting and we learnt a lot about men’s health in the process.  The results were several media interviews held at the lounge of Pan Pacific Orchard. We even managed to get the doctor on a live radio talk show that lasted an hour and listeners were able to dial in with questions. It was thrilling!

The best part for me was seeing the published articles on the various newspapers after the interviews, which gave me a huge sense of accomplishment!

I am still exploring Public Relations but so far, I like what I am doing! After several months in Epic, I have learnt so much from my colleagues and managers, and I am actually having a lot of fun, one word to sum it up and it has been said before , but Epic PR is – epic!  Alright, I gotta head back to work now! See you all soon :)




Posted on 3rd June, 2014 by Epic PR in Blog

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