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That’s a wrap! Live band in the background at our European client’s facility opening in Singapore.

Hi Everyone,


Victoria is my name and client servicing in a PR agency is my game. I enjoy fiction writing, watching a good spy flick and cannot resist a good cup of tea.


My interest in writing led me to select some public relations modules in university, and that was how I became drawn to the field of public relations and embarked down this profession.  PR for me primarily involves telling stories as well as helping shape how people view and connect with companies and brands by the messages we communicate to the market about the brand via the media and social media.


What’s great about Epic PR is that anyone who is lucky enough to join this firm gets to experience a wide variety of sectors and come away learning a broad range of skills.  Corporate public relations is one such sector that I have a keen interest in and have had the opportunity to delve further into just recently.  A couple of months ago for example, Epic PR helped launched the opening of a large European manufacturing firm in Singapore, the first global hub outside its headquarters and I got to work on it.


Besides functioning as a regional hub for the eastern hemisphere, this cutting edge manufacturing company is also investing in local talent and will offer internships to students at selected universities to nurture young engineering talents for management and leadership positions within the facility.


And that’s what I mean, being able to experience the whole cycle of formulating a PR campaign in its entirety from conceptualization to execution provided a rare insight into the industry, and for that I am grateful to Epic PR for this journey so far. The diversity of accounts – from corporate to healthcare to consumer – means that there is never a dull moment. Working in a PR agency makes for a steep learning curve, and I look forward to keep on learning and delivering value for our clients with a great team we have here at Epic.  More posts from me soon!


Posted on 9th June, 2014 by Epic PR in Blog

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