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bio_pic_zrHello everyone! My name is Zhen Rong and I’m the newest addition and most unique (only guy) addition to the EPIC team at EPIC PR. Working at EPIC PR has been a hugely eye-opening experience and I am grateful for the opportunities that come with meeting new clients and media people.

Of particular interest to me is seeing how our boss pitches to potential clients. Having never been in a pitch/new business meeting before, this really opened my eyes as to how this whole thing usually goes down. The back and forth as well as on the spur of the moment question and answer is really enlightening. While preparation for meeting any client is definitely key, some clients just do not openly publicize specific information with regards their core services and products on their websites and being able to give appropriate answers and advice in the heat of the moment is essential.

One other thing that did not surprise me is how little what we actually learn in school is relevant in the real world. Although I have heard many people tell me this to be the case, it is still somewhat frightening that we spend so much money on educating ourselves in a specific industry only to have very little of what goes on in the classroom be of any real use. Either that or maybe my school was just lousy.

But otherwise, it has been great learning and listening (or eavesdropping) in on office conversations and slowly, but (hopefully) surely, figuring out the who’s who of contacts.

One main takeaway that I have learnt in the past one month plus or so is that this is first and foremost a relationship business. While the other services (such as media monitoring) provided are most definitely substantial, the relationships between us and the media is what clients want us to leverage on and this is what earns us our daily bread.

Posted on 12th February, 2014 by Epic PR in Blog

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