An Epic Beginning

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New PR Agency in SingaporeWhen we first started our PR consultancy six months ago, if you were to tell us that we would have the kind of quality clients we have now, I would not have quite believed you. Not to say that we didn’t think we could win the clients that we currently have today, but more that we did not think we could have grown this fast, so soon, but we were wrong.  Today, Epic PR is grateful for the momentum that it is enjoying, thanks largely to a savvy community of marketers and PR professionals who support our venture from day one. It is this same maturing body of PR practitioners who have collectively lifted the standard of public relations to where it is today in the Asia Pacific region, one that I am so honoured and humbled to be a part of.

The Epic blog is going to be an evolving space where my team and I will be posting ideas, thoughts, links and images that move us on any give day. Most of the time, it will be PR related, other times, well, you are just going to have to wait and see :)

Thank you for visiting our website and for being a part of our Epic journey.


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